Each proposal is reviewed by seven reviewers.  Reviewers are not allowed to vote on their own staff members papers.

The final selection (May 30, 2018) will be determined by an overall  proposal score as well as individual review scores, recommendations, and comments. Additional factors may include the level of content (introductory, intermediate or advanced), session type  and the overall balance of topic areas, age ranges, and lifespan issues.

Goal of the Review Process

To develop a comprehensive and balanced conference program that will:

  • Offer high-quality content that help improve the lives and outcomes for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other related disabilities
  • Appeal to an audience of varied attendees across disciplines and system levels (from administrative to teaching to related services to parents/family members)
  • Provide an even distrubtion of CEUs
  • Present current, accurate, and relevant information based on research and/or foundational practices
  • Provide systems-wide and innovative approaches that address needs at the district, regional, state, national, and international level
  • Promote and support collaboration and networking amongst participants