Alex Kimmel

Alex Kimmel

Alex Kimmel is an experienced speaker.  He is contracted at the local, state, national and international levels on such key issues as Inclusion, Disability Acceptance, Neurodiversity, Culture of Gentleness and Self-Determination.
He has educated and inspired students, teachers, professionals, congregations and the community at large since 2006.

Alex Kimmel Is honored to be the 2019 recipient of the ROBERT THOMAS SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL award from The Arc of Oakland County.
“A social worker who displays exceptional concern for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and shows his/her concern by providing quality care”

Alex Kimmel is honored to be the 2017 co-winner of the prestigious Dan Moran Award for inclusion and advocacy. “This individual actively promotes the rights of individuals, encourages self-advocacy, raises awareness about mental illness or developmental disabilities; breaks down boundaries, creates new relationships that end stigma; and serves as a role model to others.”


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