Frank Campagna

Frank Campagna

aka Autism Daddy

Frank Campagna aka “Autism Daddy” is the father to a 15 year old son with classic autism. He has been riding the special needs roller-coaster for over 13 years now and has been writing about his experiences and has become a social media sensation with his blog and Facebook page. His claim to fame is giving people a realistic, non sugar coated look at the world inside an autism household; the good & the bad… the pee & the poop. Frank has also worked at Sesame Street for the past 24 years, and worked closely on their recent autism initiative, Sesame Street & Autism: See Amazing in All Children.

KEYNOTE 4: Things No One Told Me After My Son Was Diagnosed With Autism

Grand Ballroom

This presentation aims to show, in a humorous way, how to be a great special needs parent without losing all of your former self in the process. Autism Daddy will talk about all the really important things that somehow fall through the cracks. Topic points include “You’re Allowed To Be Mad”, “Autism Includes A Few […]