Deborah Chin

Deborah Chin


Deborah  Chin: Deborah Chin, MA, is manager of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Transition and Adult Programs at UM-NSU CARD. Over the past 11 years she has worked with teens, adults, and their families to provide information, resources, and guidance as they plan for life after high school. In recent years her efforts have prioritized capacity building with local professionals, organizations, and businesses to ensure adults with ASD have the opportunity to be integrated into all aspects of  community life. Training and consultation for community entities allows her to maximize the impact of her work to improve employment, life skills, medical, social and educational opportunities for people with ASD. She has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Liberal Studies.

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Strategies for Collaborative Goal Setting with Your Teen/Adult

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#B4-5  Strategies for Collaborative Goal Setting with Your Teen/Adult   This presentation will address fundamental strategies to promote a successful transition to adulthood. Based on research self-determination predicts successful outcomes in the areas of life skills, employment, and post-secondary education. Collaborative goal setting between parents/caregivers and their teen/adult provides the opportunity to practice self-determination skills. […]

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