Jennifer Chung

Jennifer Chung


Dr. Jennifer Chung has a broad background in program management, grant administration, special education, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), psychology, and marriage and family therapy (MFT). Dr. Chung is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has worked for five years with children with ASD and their families. In addition to her clinical experience as an LMFT, Dr. Chung has experience as a special educator working with children and families living with various disabilities. As Program Manager on two HRSA grants aimed at improving the oral health care of children with special needs, she has extensive experience in collaborating with faculty and other project staff, and maintaining important contacts within the community in order to increase access to dental care to children with ASD.


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Caregiver Collaborations: Role of the Family & Professionals in Improving Dental Hygiene

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#B3-7  Caregiver Collaborations: Role of the Family and Professionals in Improving Dental Hygiene   Increased collaboration with caregivers and professionals is a key aspect of ensuring successful dental outcomes among children with ASD. Since caregivers are the experts on their children, they can provide valuable information for dental practitioners in order to allow for successful […]

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