Joshua Levine

Joshua Levine


Dr. Joshua Levine is from South Florida and has been helping individuals, families, and communities affected by autism since 2000. He is a BCBA who completed his graduate training in Behavior Analysis and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. Since completing his training, Dr. Levine has focused on developing holistic and outcome-based programs through partnerships with the Department of Education, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, State Hospitals, Medicaid Waiver programs, intentional communities, and insurance companies funding ABA. Dr. Levine is passionate about creating really amazing supports for individuals with autism, their families, and their communities. He is currently co-owner and director at Mobile Bay ABA Autism Center, located in Mobile Alabama.

Applied Behavior Analysis and Our Community

#B1-3  Applied Behavior Analysis and Our Community Families of children with ASD have never had a larger landscape of helping options at their fingertips. Some are evidence-based, some have little evidence, and some are simply dangerous; questioning best practice. This topic is so important, a google search for “ASD help” yields over a million hits. […]

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