Michele Ramsay

Michele Ramsay

Ph. D.

Dr. Ramsay is a dynamic speaker on the topics of transition from high school to college and work. She is the program director at CIP and works with students to support them in succeeding in their academic life in pursuing college, internships and careers as well as daily life skills. She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Teaching from Walden University and has 18 years of experience in curriculum & school district management.


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Bridge to Career Success: What You Need to Know to Get Employed            

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#B3-2  Bridge to Career Success: What You Need to Know to Get Employed   It is not uncommon for individuals with ASD/LD to be unaware of past behaviors that could have negatively impacted their work history. Participants will be able to identify the vocational, emotional and social challenges that may prevent them from being successful […]

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