Nathalie Roman

Nathalie Roman


Nathalie Roman: Nathalie Roman is a sibling of an adult with Autism. Nathalie has been working with individuals with ASD for the past 5 years. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida International University and plans to graduate with her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Miami before the conference. Currently, she works as a case manager for The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Transition and Adult Programs at UM-NSU CARD. Along with her clinical duties at CARD, Nathalie facilitates a social opportunity group for adults and all abilities events for adults, a community based activity group. Prior to working at UM-NSU CARD, Nathalie was trained as a behavior therapist and was the Program Coordinator for the Florida International University – Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Program (EIBI) and the University of Miami-Intensive Behavioral Intervention Services (IBIS) Clinic.

Strategies for Collaborative Goal Setting with Your Teen/Adult

#B4-5  Strategies for Collaborative Goal Setting with Your Teen/Adult   This presentation will address fundamental strategies to promote a successful transition to adulthood. Based on research self-determination predicts successful outcomes in the areas of life skills, employment, and post-secondary education. Collaborative goal setting between parents/caregivers and their teen/adult provides the opportunity to practice self-determination skills. […]

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