Stacey Hoaglund

Stacey Hoaglund


Stacey is the president of the Autism Society of Florida, statewide coordinator of Partners in Policymaking, educational advocate with Family Network on Disabilities, certified mediator, and former editor of The Autism Notebook Magazine. She has held numerous committee positions focusing on the needs and passions of children and adults with autism spectrum disorder. Stacey is a Points of Light Honoree and recipient of the Disability Advocate of the Year Award for Outstanding Community Service, among others. As a trainer, consultant and interventionist, Stacey has provided educational opportunities to parents and professionals from a vast array of organizations, including Governor Councils on Disabilities, the Early Learning Coalition, Children’s Services Councils, the Pediatric Society, Family Care Councils, school districts, and state universities. For more than 20 years she has trained on the importance of establishing effective communication in schools, the workplace and community, and has promoted, enhanced, and advocated for true inclusion.


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ASF: When the System Says “No”… what’s a parent to do?

Salon II

Stacey Hoaglund and Jill Morrison   When the System Says “No”… what’s a parent to do? As a parent, or educator, so often we’re faced with systems that tell us “no” when we ask for something that we passionately believe that a child or adult on the autism spectrum needs. It could be a response […]


Great Expectations – Steps to Maximizing Transitional Success

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#B2-2 Great Expectations – Steps to Maximizing Transitional Success   Many of us get caught in a trap of low expectation. This session focuses on how transition improves by raising the bar. The importance of a strong IEP, instruction in self-determination, career planning and creating inclusive experiences during the formative years of development will be […]

ASHA Education Family Teen Transition

Effective Strategies to Address Parent Concerns

Legacy North 2

#FB2-3 Effective Strategies to Address Parent Concerns As teachers and educational professionals, from time to time, you are going to have a conversation with a parent who is upset. No matter how hard you seem to try, tensions continue to build. This training will help you see the situation from the perspective of the parent […]