Susan Davis Baldino

Susan Davis Baldino

Ph. D.

Susan Davis Baldino is Regional Program Coordinator for VSA Florida. She is further connected to the disability and arts community as mother to a son with various challenges and advocate for persons with disabilities. Longstanding supporter of the arts, Susan served as member of the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, President of the Tallahassee Museum, and trustee for the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra. She is active on the boards of the Florida Association of Museums Foundation and the St. George Lighthouse Association. Susan teaches graduate seminars in museum studies at Florida State University and holds a Ph.D. in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. Her doctoral research focused on learning for students with autism and she gave the 2010 inaugural lecture “Museums and Autism: Creating Inclusive Learning Communities.”


The Triple-A Affect: Autism, Art, and Anti-bullying

Salon II

#B2-1  Durbin and the Triple-A Affect: Autism, Art, and Anti-bullying   This presentation addresses how the arts contribute to an improved quality of life for those with autism. It includes a discussion of the “Artists and Autism Series” a collaborative project of FSU CARD and VSA Florida that has produced exhibitions, art classes, music clinics, […]

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