“Home Base”- Supporting Students with ASD in Middle School General Education

Session FB1-5

Navigating Middle School is hard enough, but imagine it as a student with ASD! Learn how one Middle School addresses the needs of its students with ASD in general education classes by frontloading needed supports. These include transition, academic, sensory, social, and emotional supports. It is called “Home Base” and likeĀ  in the game of tag, it provides a safe place for students to reset, regroup, and later rejoin the general education environment. Home Base provides students with needed assistance to be included with their peers. Core classes are taught by specially trained General Education teachers with push-in Exceptional Education support. Direct Instruction in Social Understanding and Emotional Regulation is provided in a Social Personal Class. Executive Fuctioning and academic support are provided in a Learning Strategies class. Home Base is in its 3rd year! Come see how it works!

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