Practical strategies to enhance language during shared reading

Session B4-8

Children with ASD require additional supports to develop, comprehend, and express ideas. Development and acquisition of language skills can be supported through shared reading activities. Reading books to children promotes (a) exposure to a variety of sentence types, (b) joint attention and interest, (c) encourages the child to be an active and engaged participant, (d) word meaning, (e) spelling, (f) symbol representation and use, (g) reading comprehension, and (h) visual support to enhance learning. Acquisition of these skills is a strong predictor of increased receptive and expressive language skills and paramount to successful communication outcomes for children with ASD.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe receptive and expressive skills in ASD
    Describe shared reading for individuals with ASD of all ages
    Describe practical strategies using AAC to increase language during shared reading
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