Using Evidence Based Strategies to Tackle Common Challenges at Home

Session B1-6

This presentation discusses possible solutions to 15 common challenges in the home and community using strategies recommended by research. Challenges among others include transitioning, finishing tasks, doing homework, limiting screen time, and having conversations. The evidence based strategies (EBP) used are recommended from the National Standards Project and the National Professional Development Center. The strategies include visual strategies, self-management, social stories, antecedent based strategies, and video modeling among others. For each home challenge, several alternative solutions will be discussed. A case example will be furnished at the end of the presentation. This will prompt a discussion of how to use the research based strategies in novel home situations.

Participants will be able to:

1. Parents will identify 5 evidence based strategies used for intervention with children with ASD.
2. Parents will identify solutions using evidence based strategies to 5 common home challenges.
3. Parents will problem solve one new common problem using EBP strategies presented.

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