Linda-Mood Bell

Lindamood-Bell builds the imagery-language foundation to teach students to read and comprehend to their potential. Their instruction develops language processing, strengthening the sensory-cognitive functions needed for reading and comprehension, and is successful for individuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia ADHD, and ASD. With 60+ learning centers, 40+ seasonal learning clinics, and numerous school partnerships, in the United States and internationally, their continued growth involves research collaborations with MIT and UAB, and previously with Wake Forest and Georgetown University. Lindamood-Bell has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, featured in Time, US News and World Report, Neuron, and NeuroImage, and has appeared on CNN and PBS. Lindamood-Bell and all of their Learning Centers are accredited by AdvancED.

Special Law and Advocacy

The law firm of Special Education Law & Advocacy (SELA) was established by Mark Kamleiter, Esquire, in St. Petersburg in 1993. The practice has expanded over the years to include advocates and attorneys in different regions of Florida, to better serve children with disabilities throughout the state. Our firm is committed to maintaining highly personal, close professional relationships with each of our clients. We also hope you will make this site your “go-to” site for the latest legal resources and information relative to Florida special education law and advocacy.

Disability Rights Florida

Disability Rights Florida was founded in 1977 as the statewide designated protection and advocacy system for individuals with disabilities in the State of Florida. Disability Rights Florida is a not-for-profit corporation that has authority and responsibility under nine federal grants. Our services are free and confidential. Disability Rights Florida mission is to advance the quality of life, dignity, equality, self-determination, and freedom of choice of persons with disabilities through collaboration, education, advocacy, as well as legal and legislative strategies.

The Autism Notebook

The Autism Notebook ™ is published six times a year. It is distributed free of charge throughout Broward, NE Miami-Dade & Boca Raton. Information provided in The Autism Notebook™ is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with a physician, health care practitioner or child development specialist for individualized care and treatment. We welcome your ideas, articles and feedback. For information on where to find The Autism Notebook or to distribute at no cost at your school, center or office, please email us at:

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