Autism Home Support Services

At Autism Home Support Services, we utilize the evidence-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, a treatment scientifically proven to have the most effective results for helping children with Autism achieve success.

From intake to kickoff of ABA behavior therapy, our technology-supported approach is an integrative one that hinges upon ongoing collaborative communication among our team and your family. One of our uniquely Intake Coordinators will be there to answer any questions you have throughout the entire process, which includes:

Insurance Coverage Verification

Our in-house insurance team works with your insurance company to verify that you have coverage for ABA behavior therapy services for your child and submits bills directly to them, eliminating you as the middleman going forward.

Pre-Care Assessment

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) meets with you and your child to conduct an in-depth interview screening to gather more information and observe your child in the home setting.

Care Plan

The BCBA will use the information gathered during the pre-care assessment, along with direct observation of the child, to create the initial Care Plan. This is a clinical document that details programs used to assist your child in meeting their goals (e.g., communication skills, academic skills, social skills, potty training). The Care Plan will be actively managed by your BCBA in collaboration with you as your child masters goals and acquires new skills.

Care and Support

A team of skilled Care Team Members (CTMs) will be assigned based on your child’s needs, geographical location and the required qualifications for the level of care provided. Your care team will be responsible for implementing your child’s care plan under the direct supervision of the BCBA.

Online Reporting

Notes and data on your child’s development and programs will be maintained in an online format, available to you via a secure login anytime. With your approval, we add video data to demonstrate progress, communicate via Internet video conference, and can share this information with any other member of your child’s therapeutic team.

Ongoing Training and Supervision

Parent training is integral to your child’s success and our process. Your BCBA will provide routine skills development and behavior support for not just your child’s Care Team but parents as well. A monthly progress review meeting will be held between you and your Care Team to evaluate your child’s overall development within the program and make any necessary changes. Additional BCBA time can be scheduled as needed.

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