Autism Society of Florida

ASF exists because persons with autism spectrum disorder have unique capacities and gifts and we are fortunate to have them in our lives. We believe persons with autism spectrum disorders contribute in unique ways to their families and communities. ASF believes that the best advocacy occurs with education and respect and the presumption of competence of all persons

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Our Mission
Improving the lives of all affected by autism.

The mission of the Autism Society of Florida (ASF) is to assure full participation and self-determination in every aspect of life for each individual. We will realize this vision by opening avenues of self-advocacy and advocating on behalf of others in a way that values equity, respect, dignity and diversity in all communities.

Our Philosophy
The Autism Society of Florida is committed to honesty, fairness and respect for others, in that philosophy we make specific promises to our most important audiences. We make these promises not in a contractual sense, but because a promise expresses a level of commitment that is both demanding and personal.

To our parents, we promise to treat you with dignity, courtesy and consideration. We also promise to be responsive, reliable and supportive.

To persons with autism, we promise to create an inclusive environment that instills trust that provides you with the opportunity to achieve your maximum potential.

To our members, we promise to expand the benefits of belonging to our Society and to continue to provide quality programs and services while listening and responding to your concerns.

There are two additional audiences that are important to ASF – our funding sources and our communities. To our financial contributors, we promise to treat your contributions as if it were our own and to carefully manage the Society and to pursue well-conceived and developed strategies.

To our communities, we promise an active level of involvement in all areas of Florida and to improve the quality of life for persons who have autism and their families. These promises represents our resolve to continually improve, to do the right things and to do things right. These promises represent the fundamental principles that we believe in.

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