Summit Camp

Summit Camp & Travel is a therapeutically designed sleepaway summer Camp and Travel program organized to meet the social and emotional needs of our special population and their families. Our programs serve children of average to above average intelligence who have a variety of developmental, social, emotional, and learning issues. We serve children ages 8-19 who have diagnoses that often include Asperger syndrome, ADD/ADHD, verbal and non-verbal learning disabilities (NVLD), HFA (including PDD-NOS), speech and language issues, and sensory integration issues. Some of our youngsters may also have issues related to gaps in executive function, Tourette’s syndrome and/or Bi-Polar disorder.

What is common to all Summit participants is their difficulty in making and/or  maintaining appropriate peer relationships. Our campers and travelers have a desire to make friends and be a part of a peer group but lack the social skills to find this success. In addition, as they lack peer confirmation, they may also have a generally lower level of self esteem.

The mission of all of our programs is to provide our children with a safe, happy and enriching experience while at the same time offering their families a secure respite. We want our young people to learn and retain new skills and experience success. Our trained staff provide opportunities for social skills development and interpersonal growth. We provide supervised social skills groups  professionally directed. In addition, our counseling staff provide campers and travelers with consistent feedback about their interactions and model language and techniques needed for appropriate social reciprocity. Our group work model believes that the integrity of each group will serve to enhance self esteem and provide a positive laboratory for learning and generalizing appropriate and successful social skills. These behaviors will move forward with the child as an important component for personal people success.

The achievement of these goals requires that the activities presented be in harmony with the capabilities of the child, so that success is attainable. We structure our program so that the campers and travelers receive regular instruction in the widest possible variety of recreational skills and are able to judge and appreciate their own progress. At the same time, our program is flexible and challenging so that each child pursues areas of individual interest.


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