The Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD), a Florida statewide program for individuals with autism and related disabilities, and their annual conference organizer Providing Autism Links & Supports, Inc. (PALS, Inc.) are now inviting proposals for presentations at the 2022 29th Annual Statewide CARD Conference, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 14-16, 2022.

Submissions Maximum: A total of 2 submissions per presenter permitted


To complete the submission form  you will need:

  1. A title for the presentation
  2. An abstract for the presentation
  3. A short biographical statement for each presenter
  4. A high resolution photo of each presenter
  5. A short vitae or resume (whichever applies)
  6. At least 3 learning outcomes for the presentation
  7. APA references for the presentation (if this is a personal presentation mark PERSONAL in the box)



CARD & PALS Invite & Extend Submissions


The Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) and Providing Autism Links & Supports, Inc. (PALS, Inc.) invite proposals for presentations at the 2022 29th Annual Statewide CARD Conference, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 14-16, 2022, at the Florida Hotel & Conference Center. 1500 Sand Lake Road. Orlando. FL 32809.

28th Annual CARD Conference CARD, a Florida statewide program, brings together a wide range of professionals and parents to share information about individuals with autism spectrum disorders and dual sensory impairments.  The purpose of the conference is to provide education and information to professionals and families committed to individuals with autism spectrum disorders, dual sensory impairment, and related disabilities.  Audiences range from families of newly diagnosed toddlers to leaders in the field of autism research and treatment
Presentation Length Presentations are typically 90 minutes in length. Presenters may be asked to repeat their presentation
Presentation Title Maximum words 10
Proposal Format Lecture, group discussion or panel
Content Track Suggestions


 · Nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Disabilities/Early Intervention (targeted toward newly involved families and early intervention professionals) Nature of autism, early signs, diagnosis, and treatment, Getting started – IEP development, early intervention, Basics of instruction and intervention. Basic behavioral interventions in home and community.

· Education Support and Strategies Social skills and inclusion strategies and issues, Communication programming, Curriculum and classroom issues, Models of instruction and delivery, working with and supporting individuals with high behaviors, Sensory and attention issues, Educational Innovations, Behavioral interventions for those with high needs, Behavioral practices in the classroom.

· Family Support/Relationships Practical recommendations for home living, parenting issues, Advocacy and education, rights, and responsibilities, Family relationships, sibling issues, Community supports, leisure activities, quality of life, Dating and marriage on the spectrum. Behavioral invention in home and community.

· Specialized Populations Deaf-blindness – Rhett’s Syndrome, comorbidities, dual sensory

· Adult Topics College, employment, residential options, self-determination, personal perspectives

· Transition– elementary to middle, middle to high, high to college, college to living on own, death/grieving.

·Advanced Topics Research and clinical results, Medical and genetic aspects

·Health & Wellness Diet, exercise, medical checkups/training/support, Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance

·Legal Issues guardianship, trusts, social security

Presenter Information ALL ITEMS MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EACH PRESENTER (maximum of 3 presenters per presentation) and a copy of each presenter’s vita (6 page maximum) forwarded with worksheet. If you do not have a curriculum vita, a resume is acceptable.
Presentation Abstract A 50-150 word description for the Conference Program.  Carefully proof read your submission. This is how it will appear in the program.
Learning Objectives/Outcomes This section should provide three (3) learning objectives and outcomes for the presentation, and sufficient information to determine how the session contributes to best practices and advances in the field of autism spectrum disorders or dual sensory impairments. (Speakers may be asked to submit additional presentation materials.)
APA References Provide at least 3 APA formatted references for each submitted presentation.  If your presentation is a personal presentation simply, write this is a personal presentation
Audio Visual All rooms will be provided with a:

· PC laptop

· Projector

· Screen

·Table for the equipment

· Microphone if the room size warrants one

If you are a MAC user, please make sure the presentation will play properly on a PC.  Presenters are required to bring presentations on CD or flash-drive and a back-up is suggested.  If your presentation has video please make sure the clips are downloaded on the flash drive with the presentation (if this is not done your video input will not play on another computer).  If you are not sure how to do this or have not done it before, please contact our office for assistance 407-823-6020.

Review Process Proposals are acknowledged as received. A committee review panel will review all proposals. Presenter names and credentials are withheld from review.  Proposals selected will provide balanced content and broad geographic representation.  For 2022, emphasis will be on advanced topics and effective skills for working with individuals with high behaviors.
If Selected 1.     Conference Admission Waived

2.     You are committing to the date and time.

3.     You are responsible for travel/meals/accommodations.

4.     You will be recognized on the website/conference program and possibly other printed materials.

You will be notified on August 30, 2021

Submissions Maximum of 2 submissions per presenter permitted. The submission deadline is Monday, August 15, 2021, midnight. Any submissions after August 15, 2021, midnight, will not be considered.  All submissions can be dropped here  . All submissions must be labeled as “your last name_your first name,” example: Samuels_Judith if more than one presenter -name file with all presenters.


Curriculum vitae (short version is permissible, please not longer than 6 pages if possible) or a full resume must be submitted with your submission and each labeled as: Vitae: Last Name_First Name

Complete Submission Includes

1.     Call for Papers Submission Form

2.     Each presenters’ vitae or resume (whichever is applicable)

3.     A photograph of each presenter

Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.

Contact Information All email correspondence must use CFP CARD 2022 in subject line



Phone:            407-823-6020

Due Date Monday, August 15, 2021 Midnight


Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
This will be used on the website and the conference program.
Please upload a high resolution photo for website and conference program. Must be .jpeg, .png or .pdf format
Upload the lead presenter's short vitae and or resume here. Format must be .docx, .doc or .pdf.

Co-Presenter Details

There is a maximum of 3 presenters per presentation. If you have a 2nd and or 3rd presenter please enter their information as requested below. If not skip this section and move on to the Presentation Details.
To be used on conference website and program.
Please make sure photo is a high resolution. Used for website and conference program. Only submit .jpeg, .png or .pdf files
Upload the 2nd presenter's short vitae or resume here. Format must be .docx, .doc or .pdf.
To be used on conference website and program
Please make sure photo is high resolution. Used for website and conference program. Only submit .jpeg, .png or .pdf files.
Upload the 3rd presenter's short vitae or resume here. Format must be .docx, .doc or .pdf.


This will be a hybrid conference. Do you prefer to do your presentation in person to the audience or prefer it is only an online presentation? In person requires you to be at the conference site.
Please complete the sentence: I (we) _____ permission for our session to be recorded for paid virtual attendants for 30 days from the conference end.
Please provide a 50-100 word description of the session for the Conference Program and Website.
Please provide at least 3 learning outcomes participants will have from attending this session.
Please provide at least 3 APA style references. If this is a personal story presentation simply write PERSONAL
If you have more than one presenter in your presentation all must agree to permission to publish or all agree not to be published.
I (we) are submitting this paper for review and fully understand and accept all requirements if selected.The Centers for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD) is a discretionary project in the state of Florida under the Florida Department of Education. All presentations are subject to Florida Department of Education review. If selected your presentation may be reviewed and adjustments requested by the Florida Department of Education according to content.
Please list any financial and non-financial relationships. For example: I am the author of the "Autism & Me," book and/or I work as an Autism Disorder Specialist for CARD or I have no financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose. Please provide for each presenter in the presentation. Please note: this must be disclosed on your first presentation slide and in the conference program.
I (we) understand this is a call for papers and by submitting this form it does not mean that I (we) have been asked or are guaranteed to present the 29th Annual Statewide CARD Conference. My (our) submission will be reviewed by a committee. All submissions are submitted blind to the committee (so the committee is not aware who is submitting to protect all from bias). I (we) understand the submission deadline is Sunday, August, 15, 2021, midnight. Any submissions after Sunday, August 15, 2021, midnight, will not be considered. All submissions can be submitted here or downloaded and dropped here . A maximum of 2 call for papers per presenter is allowed. All submissions must be labeled as “your last name_your first name,” example: Samuels_Judith. I (we) will be notified if my(our) paper is selected or rejected by Monday, August 30, 2021 by 5pm. If selected I(we) agree that I (we)am committed to present at the 29th Annual Statewide CARD Conference either Friday, Saturday or Sunday (time to be announced).

Contact Information: All email correspondence must use CFP CARD 2022 in subject line

You may simply submit here or If you wish to save and drop electronically: 2022 SUBMISSION DROP

Full Link: (

Phone: 407-823-6020
Fax: 407-823-6012
Call for Proposals
PO Box 781458
Orlando. FL 32878-1458
Due Date All Proposals due by August 15, 2021 at midnight


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