LocationSession #PresenterTitle
2:00pm-5:00pmAdministrators Meeting
8:30am-4:30pmLegacy North 1Special WorkshopMichael MorrierADOS-2
8:30am-4:30pmLegacy North 1Special WorkshopMichael MorrierADOS-2
8:00am-8:30amHeroes BallroomKOChristopher VatlandKF: Opening
8:30am-10:00amHeroes BallroomK-AJoel ShaulFK-1: Engaging social skills activities for students with ASD
10:15am-11:30amForum East 4FB1-AClaire Kelderman FB1-A: Language and Symbols in Autism: A survey to identify preference among the autism community
10:15am-11:30amSalon 3FB1-BKelley Steinmetz & Robin Petrick FB1-B:  The Least Restrictive Environment (LRE): An Overview
10:15am-11:30amLegacy North 2FB1-CDietrich Browne & Diana PittengerFB1-C: Home Base 3.0 Continuing, Refining, and Expanding the Home Base Model of Support for Middle School Students with ASD in General Education Settings
10:15am-11:30amSalon 1FB1-DLourdes Quinones FB1-D: Evidence-based teaching strategies: Collection of strategies to review and keep handy
10:15am-11:30amSalon 2FB1-EMichael Alessandri & Christina RodriguezFB1-E: UM-NSU CARD Summer Institute for Educators Teaching in Self Contained Settings
10:15am-11:30amForum West 1-2FB1-FJack Scott & Torica ExumeFB1-F: Black ASD & Special Needs Educators Discussion on Underrepresentation of Black Children with ASD
1:00pm-2:30pmHeroes BallroomK-BJack Scott FK-2: The Basics of Precision Teaching for Instructing Learners with ASD
2:45pm-4:00pmForum West 1-2FB2-ARhonda Cruce-Dowdy & Allison LeatzowFB2-A: Creating a Supportive and Friendly ASD Classroom for Students in K-2
2:45pm-4:00pmForum East 2FB2-BKatie Wentley FB2-B: Swimming on the Spectrum: A Family Affair
2:45pm-4:00pmSalon 1FB2-CJessica Kramer FB2-C: Technologies to support transition assessment
2:45pm-4:00pmSalon 3FB2-DLee Daly & Yazmin Castellano FB2-D: Don’t Miss the Boat! Building Mental Health Support into Primary Education.
2:45pm-4:00pmLegacy North 2FB2-EAnibel Gutierrez & Ivan Deveaux FB2-E: Functional Communication Training: Reducing Maladaptive Behaviors in the Home & Classroom
2:45pm-4:00pmForum East 4FB2-FLance Otto FB2-F: The Power of Emotional Intelligence: How it related to the success of students and School Readiness
2:45pm-4:00pmSalon 2FB2-GJoel Shaul FB2-G: More Social/Emotional Skills Activities for Students with ASD
7:00pm-8:30pmCARD Constituency Annual Board Meeting
8:00am-8:30amTBAOpeningSaturday, January 14, 2023 OpeningDr. Daly
8:30am-9:30amTBAK-1Amy LutzKS-1: Severe Autism from a Parent’s Perspective, Told in Clichés
9:45am-10:45pmTBAK-2Greg HanleyK-2: A Contemporary and Compassionate Approach to Treating and Preventing Severe Problem Behavior in Persons with Autism
11:00am-12:15pmLegacy North 2B1-AMeaghan Parladé & Melissa Hale & Rebecca Wolenski B1-A: Understanding Psychological Evaluations: A Guide for Caregivers and Professionals
11:00am-12:15amForum West 1-2B1-BJeanette Garcia B1-B: The Benefits of a Judo Program for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder
11:00am-12:15amSalon 1B1-CAngela Caldwell & Liam McGivern B1-C: Accessing Services Through the Medicaid iBudget Waiver
11:00 am-12:15amLegacy North 1B1-DDiane Adreon & Jennifer Feinstein & Nathalie Stanish B1-D: Job SEEKers: A Competitive Employment Readiness Model for Autistic Adults
11:00am-12:15amSalon 2B1-EAmy LutzB1-E: The Resurgence of Facilitated Communication
11:00am-12:15amForum East 4B1-FTony Hernandez PumarejoB1-F: Breaking Barriers: Surviving as an Autistic in a Neurotypical Workplace
11:00am-12:15amSalon 3B1-GPaul GavoniB1-G: Using OBM to Improve Service Delivery
1:45pm- 3:00pmForum East 4B2-AMaryellen Quinn-Lunny & Robin Jones B2-A: Lived Experiences of Black Parents Through the ASD Identification Process
1:45pm-3:00pmForum West 1-2B2-BJill Brookner & Silvia Gil B2-B: Collaborative Approach to an Autism Friendly Workplace
1:45pm-3:00pmSalon 1B2-CJeanette Garcia & Keith Brazendale B2-C: Obesity in Youth with ASD: Risks, Challenges and Strategies to Promote Health
1:45pm-3:00pmSalon 3B2-DLindsay Kozachuk Allen & Norm Geller & Gabrielle ComptonB2-D: Adolescents and Adult Diagnosis of Autism: Differentiating between ASD and other comorbid presentations
1:45pm-3:00pmSalon 2B2-EGreg HanleyB2-E: A Primer on the Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-based Treatment Approach
1:45pm-3:00pmForum East 2B2-FAndre Sam B2-F: Disability & Special Needs Planning Made Easy
1:45pm-3:00pmLegacy North 2B2-GAngela Miney & Doris Tellado Gonzalez & Pam Kissoondyal B4-G: A Tale As Old As Time: A Tried and Tested Method of Networking for Family Leaders
1:45pm-3:00pmLegacy North 1B2-HEmma Doyle, Mya Holloran and Karley Kent B2-H: Increasing Independence in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder through a Transdisciplinary Team Approach
3:15pm-4:30pmForum East 4B3-AMichelle O'RiellyB3-A: Navigating the Decisions and Challenges of Group Homes
3:15pm-4:30pmForum East 2B3-BLisa Pugliese B3-B: Love Serving Autism: An Interdisciplinary Sports Model to Improve Functional Communication and Other Health Outcomes
3:15pm-4:30pmSalon 1B3-CShane Spiker & Jennifer LendermanB3-C: Context is Key: Using the Contextual Variable Analysis Tool to Improve Treatment Outcomes
3:15pm-4:30pmLegacy North 2B3-DJames WilliamsB3-D: Let’s Explore The Commonly Utilized Structures of Social and Support Groups for Autistic Adults
3:15pm-4:30pmSalon 3B3-EDeborah Winking B3-E: Raising Capable Kids: Strategies for helping your child live their best life regardless of the challenges they face.
3:15pm-4:30pmForum West 1-2B3-FSam MitchellB3-F: A Success Story
3:15pm-4:30pmLegacy North 1B3-GStacey Hoaglund B3-G: 5 Keys to a Successfully Sane IEP
7:00pm-9:00pmEVENING EVENT
8:45am-9:45amHeroes BallroomK-3Brian BoydKS-4: It’s Time to Re-think Assessments and Interventions for Repetitive Behaviors in Autism
10:00--am-11:15amSalon 1B4-AYazmin Castellano B4-A: Connecting with Autism: Perspective of a mother and professional in the mental health field.
10:00--am-11:15amForum East 2B4-BAngel Perez B4-B: Similar Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Deaf-Blindness
10:00--am-11:15amLegacy North 1B4-CCrystal Grey-Hewitt B4-C: Autism and Physical Fitness: Motivating When Someone Really Doesn’t Want To
10:00--am-11:15amForum West 1-2B4-DGustavo Padrino & Silvia Gil B4-D:Bringing Sensory-Inclusive Performances to a Theater Near You: Strategies for success
10:00--am-11:15amSalon 2B4-EBrian BoydB4-E: Advancing the Social-communication and Play Skills of Preschool-aged Autistic Children
10:00--am-11:15amLegacy North 2B4-FCheryl Albright B4-F: Sleeps Impact on Function
10:00--am-11:15amSalon 3B4-GDrew Andrews & Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore B4-G: College Opportunities for Students with Intellectual Disabilities through Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Programs
10:00am-11:15amForum East 4B4-HCarissa MaddenB4-H: Inclusive Professional Development References
11:30am-12:30pmHeroes BallroomK-4 30th Year Celebration 30th Year Celebration
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