Diamond Partner/Sponsor 2024

myHana® Caregiving Reimagined

Discover myHana®, your ultimate caregiving companion, meticulously designed to guide you throughout your caregiving journey. Whether it’s the initial shock of a new diagnosis, the intricate pathways of childhood, or the complexities of adulthood, myHana® illuminates the way forward. With myHana®, you’re not just along for the ride – you’re at the helm, forging a path ahead, actively shaping your journey rather than passively observing it.  Join myHana® today and let’s thrive together. 

  • 🗣️ Community: Discover a warm, welcoming community of caregiving peers at the myHana® Community. Designed with you in mind, our platform offers a safe space to connect, share, and grow together, free from the distractions and noise of public social media.
  • 🎓 Knowledge Hub: Begin your educational journey with the myHana® Knowledge Hub, your guide to empowerment and support at every stage. Our thoughtfully compiled and organized content offers valuable insights and knowledge, equipping you to navigate the unique challenges of caregiving with confidence.
  • 📘 Education Plus: Elevate your caregiving experience with myHana® Knowledge Plus, a comprehensive learning hub designed to provide you with extensive resources, personalized support, and exclusive access to a wealth of knowledge from experts.
  • 🗂️ Document Storage: Experience peace of mind with myHana® Document Storage, your go-to for managing care-related files and documents. Accessible from any device and location, built with a commitment to security and privacy, simplifies organization, storage, and sharing while keeping your information safe.
  • 📅 Care Management: Seamlessly manage your caregiving tasks, appointments, and goals with myHana® Care Management. Designed for organization and control, we keep you connected with your caregiving team, accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.
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