B2-G: A Tale As Old As Time: A Tried and Tested Method of Networking for Family Leaders

Networking is an age-old practice enshrined in all professions. Family Leadership is an emerging profession. Family/Youth Leaders need to build networks to share best practices, provide support for colleagues and strengthen the impact of their profession. They are often the sole representative of the profession in organizations and can feel isolated. To address these challenges, the Florida Family Leader Network is piloting a networking method for family/youth leaders and those who support them. Join us to meet with colleagues, assess the effectiveness of this method in real time and learn how to replicate it within your own networks.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe the Florida Family Leader Network, it’s goals and objectives.

2.  Describe a model of networking suitable for groups of family leaders/advocates.

3.  Discuss the successful development of a networking group based on a tested model

Family Health & Wellness


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