B4-E: Advancing the Social-communication and Play Skills of Preschool-aged Autistic Children

Abstract: Social-communication and play are important intervention targets for autistic children, as improvements in these areas are associated with better language and cognitive abilities. The Advancing Social-communication And Play (ASAP) project was developed to improve these key skill areas. This session will provide professionals and parents with evidence-based and practical assessment and intervention strategies that can be used to target the social-communication and play skills of preschool-aged autistic children. Typically, the ASAP intervention is delivered using a multidisciplinary teaming approach with school providers trained to implement the intervention with ongoing coaching and support. 

Learner Objectives:

  1. To identify important categories of social-communication and play that could be targeted for treatment
  2. To learn simple approach to assess these key skills areas
  3. To learn a framework for matching intervention strategies to targeted social-communication and play skills
Behavior Communication Early Childhood Education Social Emotional Transition


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