B2-D: Understanding and supporting the mental health of individuals with autism: Focus on treatment

This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, and clinicians. The presenters are a psychiatrist and a counselor who specialize in autism and who have collaborated to help children and adults with autism and co-occurring mental health conditions for over two decades.

After ensuring proper diagnosis of a mental health condition in children and adults with autism, the next step is successful treatment. Understanding the impact of brain differences on treatment of mental health conditions enables advocacy for more effective psychiatric and counseling treatment. This presentation includes basic neuroscience and education on brain differences that are crucial to understanding and determining appropriate interventions. No prior knowledge of the brain is required.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How brain differences impact expression of mental health conditions.
  2. How treatment of a mental health diagnosis can look different for individuals with autism.
  3. How treatment is adapted in the context of how autism influences treatment responses.
Evaluations Family Health & Wellness Mental Health Self Advocacy Social Skills
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