B2-F: Transitioning to Independence: A behavior analytic approach to facilitated employment for adults with Autism

Applied behavior analysis has always had a strong emphasis on helping young children with Autism but what happens when they become adults?
Adults with Autism do not receive as much focus in ABA, especially when transitioning to independent living and work situations. NextStep at Endeavor Academy is a growing company located in Marianna, Florida with the primary intention to help adults with Autism learn independent living skills through their transition academy. Prompt dependence and lack of generalization skills are the primary reason adults with Autism struggle to obtain or keep employment opportunities. In this presentation, we will explore how applied behavior analysis can assist in this process through various methods of training the job coach to help overcome the barriers in employment for adults with Autism and create the most successful facilitated employment.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. What is a job coach and their role in the facilitated employment process
  2. Barriers to successful employment for adults with Autism
  3. Methods to reduce prompt dependency on the work site and create successful independence
Adult Behavior Employment Family


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