B3-B: Planning for Adulthood: What You Need to Know

The transition from childhood to adulthood for individuals on the spectrum can seem fraught with challenges as reliance on the school system for support comes to an end. It is important to understand the issues facing autistic adults and the new systems of eligibility they will need to navigate. This presentation will outline the major decisions facing adults including legal decision-making, large systems of eligibility, employment, post-secondary education options, transportation needs, housing concerns and socialization needs. Emphasis will be placed on understanding developmental milestones and the need to be flexible and realistic in our consideration of what “success” will look like for each individual.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will learn the difference between entitlement and eligibility for accessing for services
  2. Participants will gain knowledge on the options available to students after they exit the school system
  3. Participants will be provided information on legal options, funding sources, and transportation options
Adult Education Employment Evaluations Family Legal Self Advocacy Transition


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