B3-D: Early Assessments for Toddlers at Increased Likelihood for ASD: Clinician Differences During Telehealth and In-Person Assessments

This session will review the use of telehealth and in-person assessments during the diagnostic process for toddlers at increased likelihood of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Forty-nine toddlers completed both a telehealth and in-person assessment. Data on specific DSM-5-TR criteria and severity ratings by clinicians were compared. Results showed good agreement for the social communication and interaction subdomains, while subdomains of restricted and repetitive interests and behaviors were variable. Clinician agreement on severity ratings for both criteria were low. Discussion on these differences between clinician ratings will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:

1.) Explain the potentials and pitfalls of using telehealth and in-person assessment protocols.
2.) Describe clinician differences in DSM-5-TR criteria ratings based on different assessment protocols.
3.) Evaluate use of telehealth assessment protocols as part of a clinicians ongoing assessment toolkit.

Early Childhood Evaluations Research


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