B4-B: Navigating the Cliff: Best Practices to Support Transition to Adulthood

When kids are young, systems are in place to nurture and support both the child and their family, but when transition comes around, the proverbial “cliff” seems to appear out of nowhere. This session will examine the important steps necessary to maximize the outcomes and minimize negative effects during this time of transition. Focusing on access to post-secondary education, health-care, employment, community and social development during this critical period in life will be shared. Coordinated approaches among individuals, families, school staff and systems involved will be shared in order to build positive long-term outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognize the transition steps conducted in high school that lead to best outcomes.
  2. Identify best practices in transitioning healthcare services from pediatric care to adult primary care for individuals with autism.
  3. Understand the benefits of the Discovery process and how to engage families and schools in a collaborative model.


Adult Education Evaluations Family Inclusive Environment Social Skills Transition


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