B5-F: Implementation of the RUBI Parent Training for Disruptive Behaviors Using Different Modalities and Adaptations.

Parent training is an effective intervention for reducing problem behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorder. However, accessing parent training can be challenging for some families due to limited availability, cost, or transportation issues. The Research Units in Behavioral Intervention (RUBI) is an evidence-based parent training program that can be delivered in different modalities and formats. The RUBI program teaches parents how to prevent and respond to problem behaviors, promote appropriate behaviors, and teach adaptive skills. This presentation will describe the RUBI program and its components and report the results of its effectiveness and acceptability across different modalities.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Attendees will understand the rationale and components of the RUBI parent training program for children with ASD and problem behaviors.
  2. Attendees will learn about the effectiveness and acceptability of the RUBI program across different modalities (individual, in-person, group, telehealth).
  3. Attendees will identify the implications and recommendations for improving access and outcomes of parent training for families of children with ASD.
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