FB1-F: Black ASD & Special Needs Educators Discussion on Underrepresentation of Black Children with ASD

There is an emerging issue in Florida related to the under-representation of Black children identified with ASD. Black children are often misidentified and placed in the category of developmental delay in Florida, which may increase the probability of determining eligibility for services as a child with intellectual disabilities or emotional behavioral disabilities. This special focus group session will explore the beliefs, attitudes, and experiences of Black ASD and special needs educators during their role in the ASD identification process for their students. The information gathered may help FAU CARD and the targeted counties better support and educate Black parents through the ASD identification process and learn how to identify Black children with ASD more effectively. To be eligible for this focus group session, you must be a Black ASD or special needs educator residing in Gulf, Gadsden, Citrus, Marion, Flagler, St. Johns, Lake, Orange, Hillsborough, Lee, or Monroe Counties.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Gather information to assist in identifying barriers to the assessment of a Black child

2. Gather information on the identification of Black children through the ASD identification process that may later serve as findings to inform Black ASD and special needs educators in developing culturally sensitive and effective practices to support Black parents through the ASD identification process.

3.Gather information to develop recommendations to provide to Black families and professionals towards equitable treatment for Black children in the early identification process

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