B1-F: Breaking Barriers: Surviving as an Autistic in a Neurotypical Workplace

In this presentation, bilingual autistic advocate and international ambassador for Autism, Tony Hernandez Pumarejo will talk about his experiences working on different roles such as customer service, sales manager, professional speaker, journalist and much more. We are going to focus on the challenges that autistic people face in the labor market and what we really need to do in order to give each person on the spectrum to achieve his or her true purpose in life.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Be open minded and talk about autistic people exceeding and working in any industry, not on specific roles based on limitations and stereotypes.
  2. Go beyond simply asking for accommodations and help each autistic person advocate for opportunities to grow and have a great career, not just simply getting a job.
  3. Create an environment in our society which we focus on giving people on the spectrum the tools and resources to achieve their true potential in life.


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