B4-D:Bringing Sensory-Inclusive Performances to a Theater Near You: Strategies for success

This session will look at strategies to create inclusive programs that serve the neurodiverse community through the performing arts; how to get started and create access to live sensory-inclusive performances, with a look at various, initiatives, resources and accommodations engage, inspire, and create a meaningful impact in the community through sensory-inclusive experiences. The session will highlight the importance of community partnerships as a key success driver.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to advocate for your local theater to start inclusive performing arts programs to serve the neurodiverse community.
  2. Understanding the benefits to family of providing sensory-inclusive performance.
  3. How to eliminate barriers and develop true inclusion by connecting and fostering relationships.
  4. How to create effective resources, accommodations and supports for sensory-inclusive experiences.
  5. Developing an audience for sensory-inclusive performances


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