B2-F: Disability & Special Needs Planning Made Easy

Join us for an informative and educational workshop for family members with loved ones of all ages with Autism or any other types of physical or cognitive disabilities or special needs. The topics covered in this workshop include Guardianship vs Alternatives to Guardianship, Wills, Family Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, SSI, Social Security Disability, Social Security Retirement/Survivors Benefits, Medicaid/Medicare, ABLE Accounts, Budget Planning and Lifestyle/Transition Planning. This workshop will explain why these disability and special needs planning aspects and documents are important to have and how they complement each other in an estate plan designed to protect yourself, your family and/or your loved one’s current and future quality of life and care. Don’t be afraid to plan, be afraid if you don’t plan.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Attendees will know what exactly Comprehensive Disability & Special Needs Planning is.
2. Attendees will feel empowered to take action where improvement is needed in their lives which will correlate to further growth and development for their kiddo/loved one with Autism
3. Attendees will know where and who to turn to for resources to address these very important aspects of planning.

Adult Family Legal


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