FB1-D: Evidence-based teaching strategies: Collection of strategies to review and keep handy

In this presentation we will review the characteristics of ASD, how they present in the classroom, and how they interfere with learning. We will also discuss various evidence-based teaching strategies that have been proven effective in helping to address the characteristics of ASD that may interfere with learning. Ultimately, the collection of teaching strategies presented will remain as a handy tool for teachers to keep and review often, as they continue to develop their knowledge and skills.

Learning Outcomes:
1.  Identify the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how they manifest in the classroom.

2. Identify how these characteristics may interfere with learning.

3. Identify at least three evidence-based strategies to address some of the most common characteristics of ASD that may interfere with learning.

4. Identify one to two resources to assist them with the implementation of the identified evidence-based strategies if/when needed.

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