F1-D: Better Together: Behavior Analysts and Psychologists Supporting Individuals with Autism

The fields of Psychology and Behavior Analysis have often been seen as at odds theoretically and practically (often by our training programs), or seen as overlapping or duplicating services for the same clientele (often by our service systems), both viewpoints which have often resulted in competitive and sometime adversarial positions between our two fields. The facilitator of this session, who holds both credentials and 25 years’ experience with individuals with ASD, will discuss the above histories and challenges, and encourage a generative dialogue amongst session participants of how to overcome some of these challenges and develop professional partnerships that enhance treatment success and quality of life for those we support.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognize at least one theoretical or practical difference perpetuated between Psychologists and Behavior Analysts
  2. Relate the challenges between these fields from their personal experience.
  3. Engage in an open dialogue regarding how the two fields may successfully communicate and collaborate around treatment support for individuals with ASD.
Behavior Communication Education Inclusive Environment


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