K-1: Using Evidence Based Practices to Support Meaningful Outcomes for Autistic Students

Choosing the most effective way to support autistic students in meeting their goals can be an overwhelming process for professionals as they navigate the vast array of intervention options. This session will provide a framework for understanding and selecting evidence-based practices (EBPs) that best match the desired outcomes as identified by autistic students, their families, and their school support team. The process for identification of EBPs (and the limitations of the process) will be discussed and practitioner friendly resources to support the implementation of EBPs will be highlighted.

Learning Outcomes:

1)Identify evidence-based practices (EBPs) for autistic children and youth
2)Describe the process for selecting EBPs to address meaningful outcomes for autistic children & youth
3) Learn how to access internet supports for learning how to plan for, use, and monitor EBPs for children & youth with autism



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