K-4: Learning and Living with Autism: A Story of Hope

“Learning and Living with Autism: A Story of Hope” is a remarkable and true story about Dr. Jekanowski’s son, Tom, who was diagnosed with severe autism at 27 months. Today, Tom is a Phi Beta Kapa college graduate, who holds a master’s degree in history, works full time and enjoys apartment living with his older brother.

This presentation shares the approaches and strategies, over the years, which helped Tom develop communication and social skills and ultimately gain independence. This is a story of how one family supported and worked together with Tom’s therapists, educators, schools, and community agencies to optimize his progress. This presentation includes Tom’s writings and is intended to encourage families and professionals who love and/or work with individuals with autism.

Learning Outcomes

1 – Participants will learn about approaches and strategies which help develop independence for children and young adults with autism.
2 – Participants will learn how family support, involvement and follow through contributed to optimal outcomes for individuals with autism.
3 – Participants will be encouraged. Family members of a newly diagnosed child with the hope of what is possible; family and professionals who are a few years on the journey, with the hopeful results of their hard work; and an expression of gratitude to those working with and/or loving individuals with autism.



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