B1-B: The Benefits of a Judo Program for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

A research team will provide an overview of the judo program they’ve developed and implemented in youth ASD populations. The rationale for the judo program will be discussed, as well as the beneficial effects of physical activity programs, in general, for youth with ASD. A particular emphasis will be on their most recent program, which includes the involvement of family members in the judo sessions. The presentation will also provide their future for adapting and expanding the current program.

Learning Outcomes:

1. To provide an overview of the development of the UCF judo program for youth with ASD

2. To discuss the rationale for why martial arts, specifically judo, may be beneficial for youth ASD populations.

3.To present the findings and future directions from the research conducted on the UCF Judo program for youth with ASD.

Family Health & Wellness Research


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