FB1-E: UM-NSU CARD Summer Institute for Educators Teaching in Self Contained Settings

Level: Immediate

UM NSU CARD staff, under the supervision of Executive Director, Dr Michael Alessandri, partnered with Miami Dade County Public Schools to build a specialized training curriculum for local autism educators who serve students with autism in specialized classrooms. The program was funded by Miami Dade County to promote high quality professional development opportunities for local educators. The curriculum was created and delivered during a week-long summer institute for fifty teachers who work in Miami-Dade County, each of whom was selected through an application process. Pre-tests were administered to assess baseline knowledge, skills assessments were conducted throughout the course, and final post-tests were administered to assess knowledge and skill acquisition. Topics for the institute included: understanding psychoeducational evaluations, understanding of behavior and its functions, assistive technology use in the classroom, systems for reinforcement, functional communication training, and data collection. There was a portion of time set aside for a parent panel during which parents of constituents were invited to share recommendations on how to best establish a positive relationship with the teacher and/or school. The purpose of the project was to build upon the capacity of the educators within our community to promote high quality implementation of best practices, accommodations, and modifications within the school setting.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To be able to establish partnerships with local school districts.
  2. To be able to provide specialized training to autism educators.
  3. To be able to replicate the summer institute for autism educators in other centers to identify potential PEPSA partners.
Communication Education


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