B1-G: Using OBM to Improve Service Delivery

One of the focuses of Behavior Analysts and providers consulting with and supporting Autism related programs should be to design strategies that accelerate and sustain good practice. As such, they must look beyond the behavior of the learners by broadening their focus to include systems and the behavior of the providers and leaders at the group, organizational, and statewide level. This presentation will focus on the improvement of services through the lens of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) as a means of creating meaningful behavior change by improving and developing processes and systems, closing gaps in staff performance, improving retention, and ultimately increasing learner achievement.

Learning Outcomes:

1. The participants will be able to describe a systems approach to behavior change.
2. The participant will be able to state key strategies to problem solving using OBM principles
3. The participant will be able to list key components of performance diagnostics in assessing performance issues in schools.

Behavior Evaluations


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