Amy Lutz

Amy S.F. Lutz‘s writing about severe autism has appeared on many platforms, including Slate, The Atlantic, and Spectrum. Her first book, Each Day I Like It Better: Autism, ECT, and the Treatment of Our Most Impaired Children, was published by Vanderbilt University Press in 2014, and her new collection of essays, We Walk: Life with Severe Autism, was published by Cornell University Press in October 2020. She is a founding board member of the National Council on Severe Autism (NCSA), and is currently pursuing her doctorate in the history of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She lives outside Philadelphia with her husband and five children. Her oldest son Jonah, 21, is severely autistic.

Financial & Non-Financial Disclosure:

Amy Lutz is not being paid an honorarium is an author and board member of NCSA. Registration fee has been waived. No other financial or nonfinancial disclosures.

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