Andrew ‘Drew’ Bulla

Dr. Andrew Bulla earned his Bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University in psychology with a minor in autism studies. Upon graduating, he completed his master’s and doctoral degrees in behavior analysis from Western Michigan University, and subsequently became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst in 2014. He is currently an assistant professor of psychology and program coordinator for behavior analysis programs at Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus. Drew is also a consultant for Morningside Teachers’ Academy, where he helps coordinate and run the Summer Institute to teach individuals all over the world about the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction. Drew has worked at a variety of organizations over the course of his career including autism centers, community mental health agencies, animal facilities and several school districts. During his time in these positions, Dr. Bulla applied behavior analysis to a variety of learners and situations. He has worked in autism early intervention, ancillary programs including social and recreational skills, the assessment and treatment of challenging behaviors, academic interventions for students with and without disabilities, instructional design, and animal training including loggerhead sea turtles and grey wolves. Drew has published and conducted research in the areas self-management, instructional design, precision teaching, physical activity, and animal training and welfare. He has published his research in a variety of journals including the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Behavior Analysis in Practice, Journal of Behavioral Education, The European Journal of Behavior Analysis, Psychology in the Schools, and Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice. Dr. Bulla has presented over 90 peer-reviewed presentations, posters, and workshops at regional, national, and international conferences. He is currently a board member for the Standard Celeration Society and recently served as the Lead Guest Editor for a special issue of Behavior Analysis in Practice on precision teaching, alongside Drs. Abigail Calkin and Mary Sawyer. In his spare time, Drew can be spotted on the beach and in the ocean either swimming or paddling, giving guided kayak/paddle board tours, reading, (trying his hardest at) surfing, traveling, or spending time with his pups, Kobe and Aspen.

Financial: Dr. Bulla is employed as an assistant professor of psychology and program coordinator for behavior analysis programs at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Bulla is paid an honorarium and conference registration has been paid.

NonFinancial: consultant for Morningside Teachers’ Academy.

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