Carli Legambi

Carli Legambi is a passionate speaker with a strong background in behavior analysis and exceptional student education as a Student Analyst. Currently pursuing her master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education and Applied Behavior Analysis at Florida Atlantic University, Carli holds a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Certification. With over two years of hands-on experience as a behavioral professional, Carli has worked closely with many children on the autism spectrum, gaining valuable insights into their unique needs and challenges. As a Student Analyst, Carli has not only provided direct support, but also taken on leadership roles within Early Start Autism. She has successfully led training sessions on declarative language within the organization, sharing her expertise and practical strategies with colleagues and fellow professionals. Carli’s passion for empowering children with utilizing declarative language has driven her to develop effective teaching protocols and materials specifically tailored to enhance the learning experiences of children with autism, promoting their growth and development.

Financial: Carli has no financial disclosures to disclose. Her conference registration is being paid.

NonFinancial: Carli has no non-financial disclosures.

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