Jessica Horne

Jessica Horne is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 10 years of experience of working in the field of applied behavior analysis. She has had a passion for working with people with Autism since visiting her mother’s Special Education classroom as a young girl. Jessica grew up in Bethel, Connecticut and received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University. After graduating college, Jessica moved to Pensacola, Florida and learned about the field of behavior analysis while working at an ABA clinic. She continued her education, receiving a Master’s of Special Education with an emphasis on Autism Reading from Arizona State University and then received her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology.
Jessica has worked as a BCBA in various capacities from clinical and in-home settings to the school setting. She has a passion for consulting with educators to help students with disabilities in the classroom. Recently, Jessica has also started to work as a BCBA for NextStep at Endeavor Academy, located in Marianna, Florida. She has enjoyed working with adults with Autism and using behavior analysis to help transition the participants into independent work and living situations. She continues to learn everyday from every person she works with and looks forward to expanding her scope of practice of serving people with Autism with applied behavior analysis.

Financial-Non-Financial: Jessica Horne has no financial or non financial relationships to disclose. Conference registration has been paid.

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