Jessica Kramer

Dr. Kramer’s research draws upon theoretical concepts and methodologies from occupational therapy, disability studies, education and rehabilitation to: 1) Partner with youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in the development and evaluation of rehabilitation products; 2) Develop community-based interventions that equip youth with I/DD and their families with the skills to identify and resolve environmental barriers to participation; and 3) Design high quality patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) using contemporary measurement approaches.

Dr. Kramer uses quantitative, qualitative, and participatory approaches to design projects that harness the optimal method needed to answer complex research questions and meet the needs of multiple stakeholders, including youth and young adults with disabilities, their families, and rehabilitation professionals. Dr. Kramer has been awarded over 1.5 million dollars in external funding (including NIH, NIDILRR, and PCORI), and her collaborators include researchers from: Colorado State University, Temple University, Boston University, Brandeis University, The Center for START Services at the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability, and Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC); and advocacy groups including Self Advocates Becoming Empowered and The Arc of the United States. Dr. Kramer’s occupational therapy practice experience is with enabling children and youth ages 3 to 20 with multiple, severe disabilities to participate and learn in a public school setting.

Financial & Non-Financial Disclosure:

Dr. Kramer is fully employed and sits on various boards. Conference registration has been paid. No further financial or nonfinancial disclosures.

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