Mya Holloran

Mya Holloran, M.S., CF-SLP is a clinical fellow-speech-language pathologist at the Els for Autism Foundation. Mya received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Central Florida and her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University. She completed both her pediatric and adult externship rotations at Els for Autism Foundation. During her graduate externship, Mya gained invaluable experience working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. She has experience working with individuals on the spectrum across age ranges and support level needs. Mya’s training focused on working within the Foundation’s Early Intervention, Adult Services, and Recreation programs. As a clinical fellow-speech-language pathologist, Mya provides comprehensive speech-language intervention services, consultation support services to staff across disciplines, and actively participates as a member of the Foundation’s Transdisciplinary Clinical Team. Mya has created and presented professional development webinars on telehealth speech-language intervention, adults with autism spectrum disorder, and she has a passion for developing and supporting the use of augmentative & alternative communication systems for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Financial & Non-Financial Disclosure:

Mya Holloran, M.S., CF-SLP is fully employed as a clinical fellow-speech-language pathologist at the Els for Autism Foundation. Her conference registration has been paid. She has no other financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose

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