Rhonda Cruce-Dowdy

Rhonda is an ESE Teacher at Taylor County Primary School in a self-contained classroom for students K-2. She’s getting her master’s degree in Special Education because of her drive to better support students, parents and educators. Rhonda’s become very passionate about creating classrooms that enable students to have success every year, not only in her classroom, but in every successive classroom they go into. To do this, she wants to ensure teachers and parents are being taught current best practices and, in particular, in the rural areas of the state. A particular area of interest and concern for her is a student’s reaction to sensory stimuli and the resulting behaviors in the classroom. She wants others to be able to recognize the signs when a child is over-stimulated and sensory overwhelmed versus just typical frustration with a task and to help support them. In her personal like. Rhonda’s very involved with her family that consists of three daughters, one stepdaughter and one stepson. She is the grandmother of four grandchildren that have her whole heart.

Financial & Non-Financial Disclosure:

Rhonda is a full-time teacher. Conference registration is paid. No other financial disclosures or nonfinancial disclosures.

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