F1-B: Implementing Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill Based Treatment (SBT) in a Public School Setting: Successes and Barriers

Dr. Hanley’s Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skill Based Treatment (SBT) has become an increasingly popular method in the field of behavior analysis. Our school district recognized the strengths of this program, and the impact it would have for some of our most complex learners. Our district behavior team received consultation from FTF and implemented PFA and SBT in our public schools. By creating environments where students and teachers were happy, relaxed, and engaged we were able to make significant progress and teach critical skills including functional communication, delay and denial tolerance, and school readiness skills. Throughout this process, we discovered many successes as well as some barriers to implementing this program in a public school setting. This session will provide an overview of the application of PFA and SBT in the public school setting, successes that our students and staff achieved, as well as barriers and solutions for potential barriers.

Behavior Communication Education Research


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